Saturday, March 6, 2010

Project Complete

So Brigitte has had in her mind to refinish the kitchen cabinets for a while. She finally convinced me to do it. I started it the weekend before Presidents day weekend and did one section. I thought that I could finish the rest on Presidents day weekend because that was my Friday off and I did not work on Monday, so I had four days to work on it. Turned out to be a bigger project that I anticipated but I am glad to say that it is finished, and I am very pleased with results, as is Brigitte. She absolutely loves them. This is my whole paining setup. Three tables in the dining room. Left not much room to eat.
Cabinets are ready for the doors which took a lot longer than I expected.
This is the what they looked like before project commenced. This is what they look like now. Complete transformation.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


So when we moved into our house in July of 2009, the half bathroom on the main floor had these trees painted on the wall. Every time my father came to visit, he would always ask for some paint and a paint brush to paint the room. For Christmas, Brigitte got a gift certificate to TiaPan and she wanted to redo the bathroom, so that was my project over Presidents Day weekend.

I was suppose to take some pictures before I started painting but forgot to do so. Brigitte snapped these few pictures before I got to far.

These next few pictures are of the finished project. And yes the walls are purple just in case you were wondering.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun in the Sun

While we were at my parents house they wanted to go to a corn maze. There was one close by that they had heard that it was fun so we went to check it out. It turned out that there was these slides at the same place and it was the same price just to get in the door. So we went for the corn maze and spent most of the going down these huge slides. They had these burlap sacks that you got in to go down the slide. They warned us that you needed to keep your arms inside the sacks. I learned why you wanted to. OUCH!!! Major burn. The kids had so much fun. And yes we still went through the corn maze. It was the shape of Bugs Bunny and you had to find five markers for a treat.
Trevor was the first one down. He was so scared at first but when he got to the bottom the first thing he said was "That was awesome. Lets do it again."
Picture of how high the slide was. In the summer they have water running down the slides and the bottom is filled and you just stop in the water. Here they put those balls like in the McDonalds play pens to stop you.
I took Alexa down with me the first time and she had a blast. She just wanted to go do it again and again.
My mom took Maya down and she did not like it at all. She was so scared and she would not go down again. I finally convinced her that she could go with me.
Kolby had such a blast and the employees were happy to see him helping throw the balls back in. That kept him entertained because we thought he was to small to go with down the slide.
Trevor trying to get out the the balls. It usually took some one to help him get out.
They had a small slide for the little kids and the girls had a blast on it. Maya was finally to go by herself and had a blast as well.
I took Kolby down the small slide and the smile on his face says it all.

Weekend Trip

We took a trip up to my parents a few weekends ago and had a great time. It turned out to be a great weekend weather wise and so my parents spent the morning out in the garden getting things pulled and ready for winter. It does not matter where or when but my kids love to play in the dirt. They were right out in the middle of the garden pulling carrots and onions and anything else that they could pull. Even some things that they were not suppose to but my parents loved the help and the time they got to spend with their grand kids.

Here is Trevor, Alexa, and Maya just always ready to have their pictures taken.
My parents pulling up the onions. They had every type of onion that you could think of planted.
Maya and Alexa trying to get some carrots out of the ground.
Kolby just decided to site wherever he wanted, even if it was right where the digging was taking place.